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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  August 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it feels the first to one of these and this is the first time i have been out to hear you. proud of whether you do for our state. how you represent us. there were 100 like you. i'm reminded, because i have few years, when strom thurmond said a million ere, a million there, pretty soon we are talking about some real money. talking were still about a million here and there. now we are talking about illions and getting desensitized about money, where whatnot.nd e have a debt limit coming up next month, actually in october. we pay ourinded that bills and that this is not to spend, it is to pay what we have already spent. point.the whole when are you going to curb
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spending so we don't have to raising the didn't limit to pay our bills? that is the problem as i see it. that is just a basic -- >> so your question is? why do we keep letting them spend our money? from?does this come t -- was congress feels the one that allocated money. we have serious problems that that money could go for. the federal ll, budget under the johnson fee was unified. so you con tuesday social money which ss as started running a deficit five or six years ago with everything else. is mandatory spending which congress doesn't appropriate. vast majority of spending each year. that is why shutting down the obama care won't stop obama care because 85% is
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mandatory spending. good news on that front. over the last two years we have on60 less billion less discretionary programs than the two years before. hat is the first time that happened since the korean war. 1996 with a e in rescission package that in us ely resulted balancing the budget because $120 came out to be about billion to $130 billion a year. bad way to do a it but it is a lot better than. sequester is like you have your ask you to pluck the weeds bed you take wer
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the lawn mower and cut everything. what we are hearing from the president how bad and what was be going to be 17 days of furloughs on only about 50% of the agencies. ecessity is the mother of invention. there is still after the equester $250 billion of pure fraud, pure waste or pure dupe occasion in the federal government every year. quarter of a trillion dollars. and we have done nothing about that. so, where is the leadership to do that? what i'm telling you is it is not there. i don't see it. party and it is not in the other party. it is not the president. we need to spend more money. a big portion, social security, medicare, veterans benefits that are all mandatory unless we reform those programs they are going to
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massively. grow i didn't get it prepared by today. it tomorrow in several places. but i'm going to show the projections of spending and 30-year projections of revenues. and it is totally unsustainable. we are at $17 trillion of debt. $30 0 years we will be at trillion. -- is that a great side bar whether we'll get there? international community will continue to loan us money or federal reserve will ontinue to print money at nterest rates -- we are at historical interest rates, if we have another $1 trillion in interest. historic is 5.8% and we are
6:05 am so instead of $233 billion in costs a year that is $1 a trillion that is dollars your kid will pay through a markedly decreased living. of the inability to purchase a home or send their kids to college. going to happen. we need to change it. pretty why the outlandish statement is i'm afraid not to have a i don't think we have time to waste. mark levine has been good for raising them. we have real problems and they that is solutions and one nobody else is offering anything close to it. all right. senator.e home, are you aware the bureau of land
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tulsa is office in to move in and it will take 20 years to recoup them? to have the d love detai details. so if you will give that to it -- the details on $5k, do you realize we spend billion a kwraoyear maintaining the federal t government owns that are empty? and that rather than moving into buildings and buying them none of the agencies build the more.ings any they lease them. why? because of the stupid accounting ule that says if you buy a building you have to expense it in the year you bought it. nybody that ever bought a commercial building knows you don't write it off the first building. you overnment won't let write off the building the first
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year that you buy. our way into sed leasing buildings. there's no way the federal can't save tremendous amounts of money by owning their own buildings and getting rid of excess property. i have been trying that five years. that attached the real property reform to the postal reform bill so it will be with it and we are not taking it out, we are oing to reform real property the way it is handled by the federal government and save a ton money. four, five or six billion dollars a year. >> i believe it was said the government is to protect private property. when i look at what is going on i.r.s. is collecting our financial data, pretty soon you will be collecting our they are collecting our e-mails, they will be and using our kids to collect family
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personal. is very pl plus, we don't get a salary government takes their percenta percentage. fanny have liens on ur homes and a 401-k is not yours until you pay a 10% penalty. forever.65 is not don't put me in that group yet. forever.t the hich, what can republican party and you as a do tor or group of senators to restore our privacy and stop progressives from using the tax code to steal the rest of property? applause]
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me make a philosophical point first. we had an election in 2012. didn't did real well, did they? my observation is everybody knows what we are against but knows what aware for. is what hey hear about we are against they quit listening. first thing we need to be is talking about a positive vision how we restore our country and what does it mean. what does it mean to your kids? does it mean as far as personal liability and your private property? you forgot to mention that all these enrollers for obama care look at every bit of your tax stuff and medical people that se are haven't had their background to ens and you are going trust the average person on the street with some of the most ifsonal information you have in fact you want to enroll.
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and if you don't enroll we are with a tax e you that our supreme court justice on.ipulated the words so, i think the first thing we talk about the separation of separate lives and success. success mean i'm a gray a business or carpenter or policeman. what iteed to reenhance means to be successful in contrast with what it means to dependent. i have been working on this for six months. staff in great washington. they are not careerists. of them are young, average age is about 35 to 40. we have been researching all the , and right enefits
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now, if you are a family and you take advantage of every program that is available you can receive almost without taxes per year backs of us. on the backs of us. my faith says i'm to help those that need help. that's not helping. ultimately that is hurting. hurting be everybody. may have done this at a town hall meeting before here. i have a book i believe concerned citizen ought to read and it is called "the tragedy of compassion." olaski.ritten by marvin he outlined how america used to help andle that needed it was highly effective in terms f turning people's lives around.
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they wanted help. kind of like you discipline your change ow you would behavior. ways think we have a long to go in terms of doing this. multiply programs are well intention ed, but in such a way that undermine y self-reliance. we need to khaeupchange that. is a big deal when it comes to the money our kids are going o have to pay in regard to those programs. who is next? tom.hank you, i want to thank you and i want that i'm proud of i'm proud of every one of our representatives. when you talk i know whether you are saying and i appreciate that. vine the other left
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night and he said there are only ways to solve things. one is real bloody and the other that youate convention just mentioned. is there any conversation going and as an e states, individual whether do we need to do to get that started? he also made the point it will take a while to get it done. >> it is. first of all, that wouldn't go through me. hat would come through your state legislature. so, what you need to do is, first of all, i would recommend that book and have a good understanding of the case to be made so you can defend position. number that, you have to lobby your state legislators because to are the ones that have make that decision. i don't agree with everything in is book, but i certainly agree with his attempt at a solution find neither political
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party has the courage to stand up and do the things that need be done. just like the fire chief today, english in the constituti in titution, fire control the local community has nothing to do with the federal government. an erday we've become entitled class because we have been given grants since 9/11 and thinks you ought to have more money for your fire department. responsibility. same as your police. education. somebody mentioned that. spent $2.6 trillion since the education department was founded there is not one parameter in measure of education success multiple that are worse. thomas jefferson's quote on is this -- he was the father of our modern university system. university of virginia. ou have to have an management to be involved.
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author e of the authorizes. allow the hrolocal eachers who love the children to make the decisions best for not kids and we are succeeding. today the a.c.p. reported less 12% of people taking a.c.t.'s this year are qualified to go to college. that is a disaster for our country. over here. i have a couple of comments that i have made. when you were talking about
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congress -- first i want to and i ou for being here wish you would come to tulsa. we then the problems that have in congress deal with our leadership. hen our leadership won't allow congress to do some of the things and hear some of the bills that are being heard it is not so much the good men and women we have serving as people speaker bane are who will keep things from being heard. we talked about obama care, and of course the supreme court give us the ruling that we wanted. the elections didn't give us that either. when you ran last time you most that you were the opposed to obama care of anyone be.t could and we re-elected you to not but to fight us for us. need men andat, we women that have courage.
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we are not looking for excuses. foundation mark lever ine, freedom works, all have found arguments on why obama care should be defunded. is, have estion to you you sat down with any of these organizations to discuss this so perhaps your opinion with be change the? >> if you have not would you so?sider doing >> i have dinner every tuesday jim claim that because you won't for obama er you are care is utterly ridiculous. i don't disagree away need to get obama care. tactic.ree with the you don't set a strategy out to ry to accomplish something
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ignoring a couple of realistic facts. is the only way you get rid f obama care is with 67 votes in the u.s. senate. the house of of reserves unless obama is going to roll over and say i made a to quit this, e and i don't think that will happen. that is number one. glad you raised the issue because it means you are involved in the future of ur country and that is admirable. ted cruz marco rubio, have the purest of intentions. but i think they are dead wrong tactics. f you will recall, we had a and nment shutdown in 1996 lost 15 seats in an off-year election. point.e missing my that is not my excuse for doing it. reason for not i'm bracing
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their strategy is i'm 100% it what work and let me explain why. full carry out the strategy and the government is shut down. what do you think will happen to weak-kneed soft-spined members of the republican congre of which i'm not one. after three or four weeks they i got to get re-elected and that is what will happen. gone through ve all of this exercise, not ccomplished our goal and if we strategically look at it, a better place to do it is on the ceiling. you don't impact the economy negatively in the short run. alienate all the federal employees who are who a big portion are your neighbors who work hard every day. a signal that you are way out here and you don't the any idea about what
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consequences are of what you are doing. you rock there are eal politicians who care more about getting re-electing than solving the country's problems. [inaudible]? >> you can't. >> [inaudible]. no, it cannot. i understand. out. is what they have put i internet an hour and a half on the phone with senator lee afternoon. he's going to keep going the direction he is going. hair is just eight times in the legislative body than here is and my judgment of protect and they have the failed strategy. so i don't disagree about rid of became care. but if you tell me i'm not a principled person because i it sign a letter that says we should do that i you.gree with
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300 amendments on obama care. read his nie sanders until he withdrew it. mine never got on the floor knew it would get over 50 votes and make obama care look foolish, didn't happen. the difference is i don't agree with the tactic. it will fail.ed so, why would i do what i know because a lot of outside interest groups disagree think i should go another way? you lengthed me to represent in senate the best interests of our country and by 's what i'm doing refusing to sign the letter. now, let me give you an aside. voted for a continuing resolution so they probably have my vote anyway. but i can't be intellectually dishonest and tell you i agree strategy because it is
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intellectually dishonest borrows -- because it is setting up hope that we can do something that convinced we can't so. it is great you are here and fighting for that but i think it is misguided. so you are not going to change my mind. debates with marco rubio and mike lee on this. one side and i'm on the other. we are just not going to agree. it 'm not going to support but i probably will vote against there i ng so if it is will be their accomplice any way way se c.r.'s are a stupid to run the federal government. >> this is the first time i have been to one of these and it is be i don't want to take away from obama care because i'm that.ested in common rested in the core for my granddaughter that
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is going to a private christian she would i thought be safe there but i hear they are going to get it, too and i know texas opted out of it. of it and not out have it in our schools? little e give you a background on common core. it doesn't emanate from anything senate has done. it was developed by the governors association. if you don't want to be part of it just change it. that goesnot anything through me. in other words, it is a state out deal.opt o, that is a state run issue that you all need to deal with. behind think the goals common core are necessarily bad. i think the implementation is dangerous. but improving the educational standards of our children, the way to do that is put
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parents, teachers and back in charge and the federal government out of it. applause] your nk you very much for being our senator and okens.nting we appreciate what you have invested. in a ally concerned that lose tion we are going to ur rights as americans and oke oklahomans to defend ourselves and our homes. we do?n enator feinstein and senator common sep is no
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sense. nyone that owns a gun is a crimin criminal. what can we do? give you a little reassurance first. 10 amendments the probably the one that is the second amendment. i believe that. that is why i voted to proceed debate on the gun bill. i want to have that debate all the time. ecause you can't stand up to the logic and consistency or the supreme court rulings that have your right to defend yourself. worried that that's -- you know, the ban on the weapons -- "assault -- got the lowest
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number it has ever got. e have great lobbying organizations that are out to protect the gun owners with the national rifle association. is a lack of knowledge of a lot of people and fear of guns. violence with guns as being the gun's fault rather than the individual. and there is no question there they discount ut the number of tragedies that are averted because of the same thing. so i want to reassure you that i think that is pretty secure. with rights come responsibilities, so i think gun example ght to set the exemplary citizens by eing totally responsible with guns, who they sell them to, how they handle them, how they keep up. locked teach young children about them. with every one of our
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real come responsibilities and if we were to example that to the far both ends they might soon have an understanding of it. violence in this country the last 20 years is 46% less than been.s ever a decline of 46% the last 20 years in gun violence. and the number of guns is about fav five-fold. he tragedies associated with violence are terrible. my wife and i had this debate. antigun and i understand her situation. founders e reason our wanted to protect our rights under the second amendment anything to do with hunting. our s to do with defending freedom. so, maybe you could call us paranoid that aware worried about it. i think if you look at the fiscal situation of the country
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of ome of the lawlessness the branch agencies of this administration in terms of the law is, i think we have real reason to protect that right. i see now it congress is a growing group that want to rather than aight lessening group. i would tell you to worry more intellectual rights, property rights, privacy than amendment.d obama on you said that you disagree with he strategy that senator cruz and mike lee are offering up to defend obama care. what other alternatives are out there to keep this horrible bill from being implemented on 1?ober >> the debt limit. the debt limit. limit. it to the debt
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a point is that you attach raceway people of the manned -- spending the mandatory to the debt limit. let me make a point. don't want to get into a debate. let me make my points and i will around to you. the one thing the average american agrees with us is the wastes money. the one thing the average with is trimming down the federal government is a good thing. in this n 80% issue country. trict being the didn't -- ing the debt limit does peoples --ls
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repeals obama care. lost the 2012 election but we -- the independent sroertd voter because we didn't seem to them in our approach to government. know what we were for. we ought to put out a mental of make a where we can difference for our kids. impact on obama care and spending. thing down.ack this >> [inaudible]. >> i would debate that with you. this last time because they strategically were their wounds from their
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election. billion e get the $158 cuts? we did it by campaigning the udget criminal act with sequester with the debt limit. i don't just work strategy on my own. boehner once every two weeks or 10 days and ask him critical questions, what are you thinking, what are you planning. he doesn't have a solid together republican conference. the you have to govern. if you don't govern you are going to get thrown out. so, he doesn't have an easy job of doing things i would like for because he doesn't have the votes to do it. there are not enough yet.ervatives in the house until we get there -- it is lake he conversation i had with jim demint the head of heritage
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which is the brain child behind there to be love 60 conservatives in the senate. a many of you think that is realistic expectation that that will happen in my lifetime? to ought to go with mark levine representation and take our power. where are away? -- where are we? defund of became care what i'm hearing from mike lee, foundation, they will fund everything but obama care. down the hat shut governme government? the only f all, -- the only y
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discretionary portion of obama less than 15% of the cost. implemented.ll be if we shut down the government all the president has to do -- he has -- declared all the mployees associated with obama care as essential. so that means everything with happen.e will it will still get implemented and still going to happen. the congressional research service. i asked them to do the study. that the irony we shut down the government to stop care keeps nd obama going even though the government slut down. shut down. >> [inaudible]. will think the president sign that bill? earlier back to my
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contention. thinkg a megaphone do you the press has with the liberal conservative?he it is about seven times bigger. if every republican was the same song and all the conservative slanted news it, we would hed still be out numbered seven to one. here today. how many of your neighbors are as concerned about this issue as are? half of them don't even listen to anything. do you think in terms of the influence, in terms of that will have? willit be before for us -- it be positive in terms of a futile hings or effort where away pound our chest and we say by gosh aware to shut it down and we don't do t. if i had a coach hat said you are going to do that and rather than create a
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strategy that would allow me to that said r than one i will look good trying i would to lookry to score than good trying. mandatory spending happens no matter what. discretionary spending has to be appropriated. in a shutdown all the president do is say these are essential employees and they get unded regardless of what congress says. so they have already said that. that is the irony of this strategy. with a debt limit the government running we decide which we is interest then it and redeem bonds but if they can't borrow more money they to squeeze things down. ll of a sudden we start shrinking the federal budget again. e have not begun with week do in terms of shrinking the excess of the federal government. federal person is
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$13 a year. that is the average federal employee. a lot of things we can do. how about a hiring freeze? how about stopping the travel? how about using video conferencing instead of spending about $580 million a year in one for conferences? how about doing the things that when we have d do pennies? we cireate priorities. important. is most that is starting to happen only because of sequester. went from 17 days, everybody will be furloughed, to now four? did you get the money? they made some decisions, didn't they? certain moneys didn't get spent
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that were discretionary. a sudden the sequester has turned out to be not a bad deal for our kids. is a bad deal for some federal agencies. it is not a good way to do it it is better than not doing anything. so my approach would be not to the c.r. but to use the debt limit. and let's have the fight on the american people agree with us on. they agree with us about obama are and they don't agree with us about a government shutdown. think it is incompetency and i agree with them. childish to shut the government down when there are certain legitimate factors in government that ought to be operating every day for all of us. you?e are >> should i state my name? >> we better. here that is b.i. going to photo you too.
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arrow and i'moken sorry my partner and i got here a little late. i didn't quite understand you. are you for defunding obama care it.gainst just give me a yes or no? obama care.efunding >> that's what i want to hear. i think most of the people here there room want to hear that. on you to vote that way because we are going to be looking and watching you, senator. you better do what we want you o tdo because we pay your salary. see any people i want to your lands it defund became c e care? a let me ask the question different way. how many of you want to defund going to if it is
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shutdown and ment on it. you have missed my point. i don't vote for c.r.'s anyway. nobody thought harder and nobody obama the fight against care -- do you realize we have gutted six components already obama care? >> [inaudible]. >> you and i are going to have disagree. i think the tactic is a failed tactic. you are missing my point. straight. one record you elected me to follow the constitution and make my best long-term n the interests of this country. that is what you elected me to do. you won't like every one of my 99.2% but i have a conservative rating in terms of
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protecting -- no other senator that high an average. so i pretty well have gone the line of abiding by the constitution. but you are asking me to commit that's g a policy vote something that i think won't work. totally against obama care. i think there is a foolish way there.ting next question. big m really sick of government and big federal we rnment and in oklahoma have a pipeline that should already be under way. last week the justice department a an 11th hour stop on merger of an airline here. feel like is me hese bureaucracies, e.p.a., i.r.a., justice department, you can go on and on and they want detroit. we didn't vote for him in 2008
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and 2012. thank you, obama. but we're paying for it. end run aroundan everybody. with can we do to get oklahomans working to get these things implemented without them sitting up there and saying there is instead are going to do of the people that own this do?ntry telling them what to applause] >> i would tell you don't blame there on obama because were uncontrolled bureaucracies under george bush. experienced them and you did, too. it goes back to what we started with. the federal government is out of control. but it has been predicted by the historians that our republic with fail. so, the question is how do we back?history and go how do we reembrace the things that made america great? as i said earlier, i think we have to get in charge.
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working for nine years to try to make a big difference. difference, a small not a big difference. to do orked every day that. but i'm convinced is the only exert have the states their 10th amendment authority the convention constitution that restore federalism and a constitutional republic. you are frustrated. ou ought to see me in washington. ask my staff. ask my we. pull my hair out.. i want to pull my hair oui. i want to pull my hair ouf. i want to pull my hair oue.
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i want to pull my hair out. constitution and seeing what is happening and see grown men and women who don't care. that is what makes me want to pull my hair out. the ignore what constitution says because it is etter for their political career if they do and that is an abandonment of their oath. >> [inaudible]. >> oh, no. over with. approve all, when you delta and northwest and you approve united and continental you don't approve u.s. ir and american is you have condemned them to eventually go out of existence. anticompetitorot the other two the only reason there is happening is because look tough on antitrust. it has nothing to do with the case.of the >> [inaudible]. >> that may be, too. point is that it is arbitrary and it is capricious.
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why -- it is not based on common sense or sound law.ent or antitrust they found seven codes out of codes that arson -- ant competitive and they stop it on that. it shows you how lawless this is.nistration i don't say that word lightly. >> senator, i'm one of those federal employees you were assure about but i can you yi don't make anywhere near $138,000 a year. i'm a federal public defender in uskogee and i live up in wagner. you were talking about the a uester and how it has been ood thing decrease being -- decreasing the size of the
6:45 am
federal budget. it certainly has done that. background, my agency we don't have a whole lot of discretionary spending. expect, the public defenders don't get the biggest federal r the whole government. it is pretty lean. when there's a big percentage of cuts like sequester is imposing on us, it we cut people. we have already lost three might have to e lay off more at the start of the fiscal year. the funny thing is we are mandated onally because when you prosecute people you have to have people .ho defend those people so, if we don't cake a case because we lose attorneys then go to an appointed attorney who gets paid by the hour and it costs the government more money when we can't take the cases. question is, as a doctor
6:46 am
surgeryu rather perform even a hatchet or a school calpel? why doesn't congress make this imposing andead of tightening down on some agencies and are ever?sary agree with the indiscriminate nature of the sequester. better i said earlier -- better ter sequester than nothing. agency is one of the most ineffective. $480 million on conferences and half of them could have been done on -- let point.ish the half of them could have been
6:47 am
done on videoconferencing. decided to spend $300 or rooms. night on the judges are taking a big trip ere in the next -- i have already criticized it and it hasn't stopped them. $600 a night rooms. we are broke. we are out of money. a conference where judges get together or pay public defenders? that don't disagree that it is unfair the way it has rolled out. but there is no place in the that isn't rnment rife with waste. you never heard one thing from the state department about the sequester, did you? one peep. why? because there's so much waste in he state department that there's nothing to have a 4.5% to 5% cut. any common sense applied to the management of
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most agencies there wouldn't be problem. the second point is president obama through the o.m.b. made harder than much it needed to be. e had a choice of making the sequester agency-wide which means program specific or he just to the department and let them meet the goals. specific so ake it that it would exert the most so that he most people he could win the battle of increasing spending. he did through the o.m.b. so they had a choice. nd your department probably would not have got a cut at all had he made the choice to do it person would ent do it is cut the waste and keep the good. by department. by line item, by facility. so, we have the problems that we have with sequester because of that the president
6:49 am
made to make it as painful as possible. muskogee. to would you explain what obama did using the do with office of personnel management o accommodate the healthcare needs of the staff members of congress and not force the staff to go under obama care? i actually raised a question because i turned back about 20% my budget every year in .unning the office thank you very much, bob. so i can ecision made plan my budget next year because i think employees that work for get insurance. i think members of congress ught to be in anything we ask the american citizens, i have no
6:50 am
problem with that. but i think asking people who 15 and 18 hours a day some insuranceve up health or at least the contribution health insurance from a senate office isn't fair to those employees. it is not fair to you. that is my opinion. i wanted to know what the decision was going to be because i wanted to prepare my budget to to buy health insurance for those that work here in the of oklahoma and outside. every or employee has a very 72% payment toward their health insurance. are federal f employees under the law. so we've accepted those. offered an amendment in the health economy during the obama care debate that would members of congress into the exchanges.
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i think we ought to experience what americans are going to have it experience. with no contribution from the federal government. totally disagree with the ruling on members of congress. i don't disagree on the that work for you. by the federaled government. so, i think the ruling was erroneous and, again, outside the law. here is what it said. again, another instance of the lawlessness or at least interpretation of executive privilege, which i assure you is not there. here and let's get one back over here and we will finish up. >> on behalf of my family i appreciate what you have done us, your sacrifices have
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tremendous, i know. and i have a very difficult question. away talked a lot about the the lawlessness administration we currently h e have. the constitution provides for three branches, executive, legislative. we have an executive sitting is rewriting laws, failing to enforce laws he has wanted to have passed, selecting which part of enforced.nts i want to know who he is who is ble to and enforcing his requirements and responsibiliti responsibilities.
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i believe it is the attorney general. that is no good. who is in connection? house of representatives. it is the judiciary committee. what you have to do is you have criteria that e would qualify for proceedings president. and that is called impeachment. [applause] >> but that is not something you take lightly and you have to use precedent of what that means. intended ere is some violation of law in this vacati administration but i think there is a ton of incompetence. n homeland security 15 of the 17 top spots are empty.
6:54 am
a i would just tell you general portion of the nominees are absolutely incompetent. >> the i.r.s. forces me to abide hrlaw. >> i agree. my little wiggle out of that when i get that written to me is believe that needs to be evaluate and determined but thank goodness it doesn't have happen in the senate until they bring charges in the house. but are serious things we're in serious times. i don't have the legal background to know if that rises to high crimes and misdemeanors, getting nk they are per perilously close. rb, uscis e with you that do the ows ackground investigation on things said homeland security
6:55 am
said don't worry about it, background and aparagraph people. this is the -- approve people. telling he management the career people to do something against the law. i'm documenting this but i don't that level is. back, ke the lady in the i'm fed up, i'm frustrated. to raise an issue at every point. barack obama is a perform friend of mine. friend in the senate. but that doesn't mean that i he ee in any way with what is doing or how he is doing it. in ate frankly think he is difficult position he's put himself in and if it continues i think we're going to have constitutional crisis in our country in terms of the presidency. to --not just his failure look, i will make this point.
6:56 am
the one thingw is that this country has been anything else. of the world looks at us and says that is the glue together because no matter whether you are poor, rich, insider, outsider, you have this who will in the back defend you and make sure that the story gets told. when you have an administration rule of law es the here is what happens. he next time i'm at a decision point on the rule of law i'm ike if the administration doesn't have to follow the law and president doesn't follow the law and my senator doesn't should i. law, why all of a sudden you have a republic. crumbling what away need is enhanced rule of law he
6:57 am
rather than the opposite of what we see in there administration. all right. we are through with questions. we have gone over -- i will hang or 15 minutes to visit with anybody that wants to visit. out. you for coming i'm glad you are here it press your points. i think it is great. just don't agree with it. bit of an ornery streak, independent streak. ut that is one reason i'm challenging things in washington, too. you may have heard something tonight you disagree with. i got an e-mail. about 10,000 letters behind and get an ead it answer. e-mail me if you heard something you didn't like and want to me and let me know your thoughts and i will try to -- my cost savings in the
6:58 am
as many is not have help me write letters. bless and thank you for being here. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> today on c-span your calls, weets and e-mails on "washington journal." then the 50th anniversary of the march on washington beginning a rally from the steps of the lincoln memorial. >> i don't want to see the loss journalism. i'm frustrated when i see the state and local journalism covering what is appening because a lot of the national journalism isn't as good if you don't have the local journalism. do is watching,
6:59 am
stories,local and state seeing what is happening at that level and figuring out how it is to the national level so. if there are not people on the round doing that national journalism suffers. i hope that someone figures out keep that sustainable and keep those people in place. i will see more social media, think. don't go to the outlets but at the see stories being their by others, what trends are talking about and news goes it way rather than you these four f websites. rom blogger to the center for american progress, what is journalism sunday night at 8:00 on "q&a." >> next on "washington journal" we will talk about college richard fry with
7:00 am
followed by a look at the 50th march on y of the washington. we will be joined by clarence lusane. ♪ashingt"washington journal" is. host: the lincoln memorial, a key part of the march 50 years ago, a key part of the event today. commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. live coverage starts at nine on c-span three, part of american history tv. we will devote part of this program to the topic of the march, as well as the civil rights act. for the first 45 minutes we are turning to politics. john boehner, in a conference call with republican lawmakers, told a group he plans to craft a short-term bill that would fund the government, avoiding a government shutdown.


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